Gold Medal Bodies – Focused Flexibility Plus

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The increased strength is difficult to measure but my kicking (tae kwon do) is much improved. The pancake stretch described in the program is one that I do nearly every day now.


Gold Medal Bodies – Focused Flexibility Plus


Gold Medal Bodies – Focused Flexibility Plus

Increase Your Flexibility and Mobility Fast

“One size fits all” routines don’t address your body’s unique needs. This course frees you from the aches, pains, and stiff muscles that restrict your movement and hold you back from fully participating in the activities you enjoy.

Reduce Pain and Tightness at Work
Finally Achieve Full Splits & Bridges
Increase Static & Dynamic Ranges of Motion
Be More Confident in Your Body’s Ability to Perform

Focused Flexibility is a completely customizable program for assessing and improving your effective range of motion for greater ease and freedom of movement.


Matthew Suderman

Matthew Suderman
Quebec, Canada
Changed the way I stretch

Focused Flexibility changed the way I stretch.

Previously I was either doing dynamic stretches and static/PNF stretches separately. Now in my static/PNF stretching I always use the pattern of dynamic stretching followed by PNF as described in FF. I find the dynamic movements make the PNF less uncomfortable so it’s easier to spend more time stretching. I also think that it reduces injury because the movements make me stronger near the current limits of my flexibility.

The increased strength is difficult to measure but my kicking (tae kwon do) is much improved. The pancake stretch described in the program is one that I do nearly every day now.

Scientific Flexibility Exercise Based
on Proven Techniques

Jarlo Ilano, PT, MPT, OCS, FRCms, SFMA certifiedFF was designed by our resident flexibility expert, Jarlo Ilano, a physical therapist since 1998 and board certified orthopedic clinical specialist with the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.It’s based on his experience helping patients regain their movement abilities after injuries and accidents.

Jarlo chose proven protocols and techniques from his professional practice and combined them with his knowledge of teaching yoga, martial arts, and gymnastic movements to create the most effective and efficient flexibility program available.

You Can Finally Get Flexible
Even if Nothing Has Worked Before

You’ve probably tried various stretching and mobility programs before and gotten lackluster results. Even if you’ve tried to get flexible before with nothing to show for it, Focused Flexibility will teach you the correct techniques and body positioning that make each exercise safe and effective for addressing your specific flexibility needs.
GMB Ryan StretchRest assured that this is not another rehash of the same old stretches you’ve been doing your whole life. While FF does cover some “standards,” it does so in a way you’ve probably never seen before—the right way—emphasizing the small details of each technique that make the difference between effective and ineffective practice.FF also features a refreshing lack of “banging your head against the wall” by forcing yourself into a deeper stretch. Instead, you’ll use a “special sauce” PNF variation that trains your muscles to allow more stretch.

Why Focused Flexibility Works Better

We don’t believe in the “shotgun” approach to flexibility training espoused in a lot of books and video courses where you do a ton of different movements every day. Instead, we take a focused approach.

When we first launched Focused Flexibility, it consisted almost entirely of this targeted methodology. And over 18,000 people used it to fix their pains and move better.But along the way they also gave us some helpful feedback…

That even when they weren’t working on a specific flexibility issue, they still wanted an effective stretching practice to keep moving in the right direction. So we added targeted follow-along routines to help you stay limber and pain-free for your favorite activities.

Simple, Follow-Along Stretching Routines
Targeted for Your Needs

For some training cycles, the best flexibility practice is the kind where you just press play and get started on an efficient stretching sequence. So we created 12 follow-along routines covering a wide variety of needs. Each one features expert instruction, models with different levels of flexibility, and various camera angles so you can see all the important details.

Chris Lsit on Rings

General-Use Routines

All-Around Daily Stretch
Desk Jockey Routine
Gymnastic Rings & Parallettes

Dead Hang

Common Problem Areas

Better Posture
Tight Shoulders
Tight Hips


Athletic Performance

Striking/Kicking Martial Arts
Grappling/Mixed Martial Arts

Pancake Stretch

Fancy Stuff!

Front Splits
Side Splits
Back Bridging

It’s Never Been Easier To Follow A Targeted
Flexibility Program

The videos and explanation in FF are arranged to make the program and exercises as clear as possible, so you can get individualized results without the guesswork.

Clinically Backed Methods

Proven “special sauce” variation of PNF methodology

BAP! assessment protocol for targeted practice

22 detailed video tutorials for each position and movement

GMB Course Platform

Get Results with No Wasted Time

Laser-focused training for individualized results

12 follow-along routines for efficient practice

Guaranteed to help you move better with less pain

Everything is clearly organized so you’ll know exactly what to do each day. You shouldn’t have to spend your time searching forums and old blog posts to figure out how to use your program, so we’ve included everything you need to make Focused Flexibility easy to follow.

Join 30,664 clients who have greater range of motion and less restriction:

Jin Wa

Jin Wa
Helped me get a full squat

FF helped me work into a full squat, something I’ve never been able to do, in about a month of training. The GMB programs have been the easiest for me to follow and adhere to. I also feel like I pay more attention to my body when working with GMB programs.

Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson
United Kingdom
Changed the way I stretch

I didn’t really understand how to stretch before or how to breathe while stretching. Grouping of specific areas also helped a lot because I didn’t understand that before either! Also the videos are short and to the point which is great because stretching is boring enough without having to listen to someone talk about it for hours or having to fast forward to the relevant parts. I really liked the format.

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