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Michael Breen – High Performance Coaching

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Michael Breen – High Performance Coaching

Michael Breen – High Performance Coaching

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“Who Else Wants To Discover The Secrets Of ‘Super Coaches’ Who Earn As Much As TEN Thousand Dollars PER Coaching Session, Live The Life Most Coaches Only Dream About And Have A Loooong List Of High Paying Clients… While Most Coaches Struggle And Fail”

“Step Into The Corridors Of Power With One Of Europe’s Leading Executive Coaches As Your Guide, While He Teaches You The Expert Strategies Used By Coaching Elite ”

Introducing High Performance Coaching (HPC)

The Methods & Practices of High Performing, High Performance Coaches

High Performing, High Performance Coaches think and act differently than regular coaches.

Unlike life coaches which typically deal with remedial (deficit skills) contexts, HPC super coaches work primarily with people who are already performing well and are looking to significantly elevate their performance.

You can find them working in numerous industries. They add significant value for their clients.

That value enables them to:

  • Be in demand and attract clients with greater ease
  • Charge higher fees (many multiples higher that of regular life coaches)
  • Enjoy a steady stream of clients through referrals and the client’s network
  • Experience much longer client relationships
  • Instead of weeks or months, many HPC coaches have clients for years
  • Work from home and have a business that gives them genuine “freedom and security ” that they love
  • Experience deep satisfaction from helping their clients make a dramatic leap in results

Inside High Performance Coaching home study course, recorded from Michael’s THREE DAY HPC workshop you will learn the mindset, tools and techniques modeled from the world’s elite high performing, high performance coaches.

The elite methods and practices will transform your coaching skill set so you can become a High Performance Coach.

There are three core steps in the process.

It starts with…

Transforming Your Mindset
(So you think and act like a Super Coach)

To become a high performing, high performance coach you need to change your mindset.

Having the HPC mindset is key to be highly successful with clients. When you become adept in filtering the world the way highly paid performance coaches do, you’ll notice a dramatic shift in results.

When Michael modeled the “best of the best” coaches, he noticed how they think, hold and act toward their clients was dramatically different from your standard coach.

This he found was critical in enabling such a significant difference in their results.

But this is just the beginning.

Get Michael Breen – High Performance Coaching

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Discover the one ‘weird’ practice that transforms how HPC interact with their clients and makes their form of coaching magnetic. This one thing caused Michael to double take when he first heard it being used but is consistent in the top performing coaches across the globe (and makes them rock-stars to their clients).
  • The #1 big secret to fast and successful transformation to being a High Performance Coach. Over the 3 decades Michael has been teaching and coaching he’s seen many good coaches fall flat because they were missing this one key mental filter and didn’t do this one simple thing. You’re going to learn how to do it here. And it’s going to transform how you interact with your clients. Guaranteed.
  • A dead certain way to become instantly more charismatic and magnetic to your friends, family and clients. Put this one simple strategy into practice and clients will feel a magnetic draw to you. Clients will stay longer with you. Prospects will be drawn to you. (‘nuff said)
  • Learn the six (simple to implement) key differences that high performing HPC do that regular coaches don’t. Michael’s high paying clients invested ridiculous sums of money to have Michael figure these six differences out.

The benefits of tens of thousands of air miles, countless of hours of research and extensive live video interviews have been distilled into six profound differences that every world class coach does that regular coaches don’t. No more wondering which things really count – do these six right and take your coaching practice to a entirely different level.

(Warning – operating at this level isn’t for wimps. It requires a standard of excellence that far suppresses what is taught on traditional coaching courses. Michael modeled coaching rock-stars. Pioneers and performance leaders of the field. Thankfully you can get the benefits of their tens of thousands of hours of combined high performance coaching for a minuscule fraction of the price.)

  • Find out why HPC is a radically different to traditional coaching, therapy and consultancy. When you follow the HPC “reality based approach” to coaching your clients, your guaranteed of making significant and meaningful progress in every session. Worrying about what to say disappears. Your coaching becomes intuitive and client centered rather than fixed and rigid ‘tick the boxes’ approach taught by many traditional coaching programs.

Once you’ve got the mindset wired up, it’s time to…

Discover The Skills & Secrets Of Super Coaches
(And Take Your Coaching Skills To A Whole New Level)

Inside the section you’ll:

  • Discover the 3 overlapping conversations that every coaching sessions has and why if you want to make big money as a HPC you will spend most of your time working on number 2. High performing coaches are not paid like everyone else. Sessions fees from high hundreds to tens of thousands (that’s right thousands) of dollars are real numbers Super Coaches are charging today. To be rewarded those kind of fees they don’t create value like everyone else. Neither will you, when you apply what is taught inside this course.

The six essential components of the HPC coaching model, modeled from the world’s top coaches. Discover how to rapidly add value, diagnose problems and significantly elevate the performance of your clients. Period.

The #1 pre-screening insight about client behaviour that will dramatically improve the chances of maintaining the client for years to come. Getting and keeping new clients can be hard for many coaches. When you use Michael’s time-tested insight to know which clients are likely to make progress fast vs. those invested in maintaining the status quo you’ll know how to quickly pick and choose who to work with so you can have enduring relationships with a core group of high paying clients.

  • Exactly where to look and how to intervene if a client can’t seem to make a choice… so your clients are always making progress (and loving your coaching). Decision making and indecisiveness is a widespread problem faced by many coaching clients. Learn Michael’s proven process to help a client move forward, especially when there is mass fear, doubt or hesitation.
  • The real nature of feedback and how it works (it’s not what most coaches think). Learn all about the very special form of feedback that plays a central role in the interactions of high performing high performance coaches. Use feedback in this way and you instant stand out from every other life coach.
  • The little known elite coaches secret to ensuring action is automatic. Put this simple principle into practice and watch as your clients jump into action. (when the vision is clear and desire is strong – the action is clear)
  • Discover why procrastination doesn’t exist! (And how to eliminate it for clients who think it does). Procrastination is the bane of goal achievement. HPC is performance focused. Discover the high performance coaches way for dealing with this mental fantasy…
  • Have your world view about beliefs turned on it’s head so that you learn the key distinction that enable High performing HPC clients make dramatic and lasting changes in performance.

Having the mindset of a high performance coach and being really skilled to help others is all for nought if you don’t know how to…

Build A Thriving Practice

(Discover Powerful Strategies & Insights To Kick-Start Your Practice)

Inside this section of the course you’ll learn:

  • The top 3 things you must get right when starting a practice today. Fail to do these and you’ve unconsciously put the brakes on building a thriving practice.
  • Learn sage advice on what you must do today to penetrate the coaching market from the CEO of one of Europe’s leading coaching and leadership companies. She’s climbed to the top of the field and reports her experiences from the inside.
  • The same time tested and proven start-up strategy Michael used to build a thriving coaching practice and why leveraging this approach makes sense even more so today in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • The 5 key start-up questions you must answer if you want to create a real business that can thrive – use these questions to create focus and direction and stand out from the legions of “me-too” coaches vying for business today.
  • The #1 major pitfall to avoid that many new coaches make – Start your business holding the right attitudes for success.
  • Find out exactly how much time per week consultants and coaches from the world’s top business consultancy spend when starting up their own practice. Knowing this will help you quickly baseline if you need to do more and where. If you are just starting up the insights Michael shares here will be eye opening.
  • Discover the number #1 economic driver of for your business – success in business comes from doing a few key things well. Targeting the right economic driver is critical to building a successful, thriving coaching practice. Discover yours here.
  • Understand the importance of power laws and why it matters for your business. When you know this you’ll understand why many coaching practices fail to gain flight and what Michael recommends to avoid this.
  • What Michael recommends you do to avoid wasting huge amounts of time on unimportant things (that most new coaches think are important) when starting your coaching practice
  • Exactly how often and how much time you should spend negotiating with your clients and what to negotiate about. Negotiating is one of the biggest aspects of difference between the high performing HPC and the regular life coach. Done right it is the source of enduring success and repeat business with your clients. Michael gives you the scoop here.
  • Discover the easy way to engage your friends, family and clients to help you grow your business

And a whole lot more

This program gives you the strategies, elite frameworks and key distinctions to sky-rocket your coaching skills and teach you essential business building.

But we don’t stop there.

Special Bonuses

In addition to all the recordings from the 3 day live training you will also receive and additional training bonus…

Coaching Secrets – How To Become A High Performance Coach In Demand With Clients

This is a special 90 minute teleseminar that teleseminar training that Michael and I ran for our Platinum customers where Michael shares insights from his three decades of business building and working at the highest levels of coaching today.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

·       What skills you need to develop and what practices to cultivate to become a high paid executive coach

·       The 3 most important aspects you MUST master if you intend to start and grow a successful coaching practice (and get paid the BIG bucks)

·       Discover what legal and professional responsibilities you need to be aware of as a coach and how to avoid the most common pitfalls around insurance, lawsuits etc. as a professional coach (these are the kind of things that most coaches never knew they were responsible for but can get you in hot water really fast if you fail to do them)

·       What are the key current trends affecting the coaching industry that will effect every coach today

  • What prices are top coaches being paid today and how to deal with issues around getting paid for your work
  • Learn about growing role of top tier executive coaching firms and what kinds of things they look for in potential executive coaches who they place with high powered CXOs, celebrities and entrepreneurs.

And much more

Nearly 3 Hours Of Expert Answers To Key Coaching Questions…

In addition to all great training you’ll learn from the 3 day recorded workshop, you will also receive answers to key coaching questions that our original “fast mover” customers submitted to Michael.Michael provides answers on topics such as:

– Michael’s top 3 tips for contracting so you wow clients
– How to stay focused during client interactions
– Fastest intervention for dealing with limited beliefs
– Which areas you should consider developing
– Starting up a successful coaching practice
– Ways for building credibility fast
– Tactics for getting into the corporate coaching space
– Using the Internet as a source to drive leads
– And much more

In total you’ll receive nearly 3 hours of additional expert answers, divided into an additional 20 audio tracks for easy listening.

This is the perfect resource for both novice and seasoned coaches alike to take your success further.

When you go through this intensive training and apply what is taught you’ll gain the skills to become a high performance coach and know what key things you need to do to start to build a successful coaching practice, one that gives you the freedom and financial rewards you deserve.

The High Performance Coaching Home Study Course
Recordings From The Entire 3 Day Live Workshop

10+ Hours Of Elite Coaching Training & Life Changing Strategies
Filled With Proven Frameworks, Techniques & Techniques
Modeled From The World’s Top Coaches

What You Will Receive

Upon ordering you will receive:

  • The complete download recordings of the live three day workshop (worth $397), divided into 5 “CDs”, with a total of 25 professionally edited tracks which you can download right away
  • Each recording is saved in MP3 format which you can listen to on your iPhone, computer or mp3 player
  • Each recording is divided into easy to listen bite-sized chunks so you can review the most relevant distinctions, strategies and demonstrations over and over again and organised for each access
  • All recordings are tagged for easy import and playback on your IPhone, IPad, Smart phone, Computer etc.
  • The High Performance Coaching Model inner and outer cycles
  • Detailed descriptions of how each aspect works and how key patterns work
  • Resources, Ideas And Tools including:

126 ways to ask questions and find better frames of reference

Ideas on how to discover what your client’s are really good at

Notes on six different coaching models

Answers to frequently asked coaching questions

  • A twenty one page HPC assignment PDF (worth $47) which …
  • Includes six tailored assignments created by Michael to help you wire up what you’ve learnt
  • A Exclusive Bonus 1: Coaching Secrets How To Become A HPC In Demand With Clients ($57)
  • Enjoy 1.5 hours of additional training from Michael on what’s you need to do to become a high paid coach in demand with clients.
  • This training is divided in to 5 professionally edited MP3 tracks which you can listen to on your iPhone, computer or mp3 player
  • You will also receive a 55 page word-for-word training transcript so you can review each suggestion and strategy shared
  • Exclusive Bonus 2: Nearly 3 Hours Of Expert Answers On Key Coaching Practice & Business Building Questions ($197)
  • Get immediate access to nearly 3 hours of additional expert answers from Michael to help you refine your skills and grow your practice

Get Michael Breen – High Performance Coaching right now!
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