Ed O Keefe – Influencer Mastery Live – Billion Dollar Disrupter

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Ed O Keefe – Influencer Mastery Live – Billion Dollar Disrupter

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Ed O Keefe – Influencer Mastery Live – Billion Dollar Disrupter

Ed O Keefe – Influencer Mastery Live – Billion Dollar Disrupter

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February 6th – 7th
Scottsdale, Arizona
Live Tickets Have SOLD OUT!
Only 75 32 10 5 Regular Live Streams Left!
And 30 11 2-Payment Live Streams Left!

The Billion Dollar Disruption and Domination Mastermind!
Influencer Mastery, Traffic Mastery, And Extreme Brand Building
How To Create Top-Selling Products in Gigantic Markets and Crush the Old School “Good Ol’ Boy Companies with Influencers, Advanced Media Buying Strategies, and Publicity!

Josh Elizetxe is the mastermind behind SNOW Teeth Whitening and leader in Influencer Marketing, and has done 1 billion in ad spend by age 23.

Nick Shackelford, the best media buyer in the world who runs Facebook ads for some of the biggest brands in America.

Anthony Sarandrea
is recognized as one of the top customer generators in the world. Snapchat’s founder Evan Spiegel said Anthony is one of the “entrepreneurs changing the world”.

Colin McGuire is a 28 yr old entrepreneur who has been building e-commerce brands and creating highly resourceful customer acquisition strategies for 9 years.

Van Oakes who is a legend in the ecomm space and is the VP and Marketing Director for at Diesel Power Gear.

Mystery Guest #1… 8-figure earner who is on fire right now.

Mystery Guest #2… is destroying the ecomm game right now and can help you scale like nothing you’ve seen before.

Spend 2 full days with the “Steve Jobs” of Internet Marketing World, Josh Elizetxe, CEO and Founder of SNOW TEETH Whitening, Nick Shackelford who manages $3,000,000 a month in profitable Facebook Ad spend…

…PLUS Anthony Sarandrea is one of the best customer generators in the world, specializing in the financial services space and running a team that has driven over 1 million customers in 2018.

…PLUS Colin McGuire who formed the agency, Boomn, which has grown to 12 full-time team members and grossed $18.25MM in 2018 for their portfolio.

…PLUS Van Oakes who is going to show you how he uses give-aways to build raving fans and buyers… results: $6K spend turned into $108K in revenue!

…and Ed O’Keefe, who has sold over 1,000,000 bottles of his product Marine-D3 and helped launch dozens and dozens of successful clients into the Supplement, Health, Beauty Market. Investor and Advisor to KNOWFoods as well as newly founder in Uncommon Nutrition!

Plus, 2 MYSTERY Multi-8 Figure Entrepreneurs that will “peel back” the curtain in this small private setting.

2 Day Billion Dollar Disruption and Domination Mastermind Content and Format!
Here is an outline of what will be covered in the rare event in order to help you take advantage of the timing in the market!

Topic #1: The New Billionaire Disrupter Model! How Highly Motivated Performance Marketers Can Disrupt Billion Dollar Industries with Their Ecommerce Brands! (Josh Elizetxe)
Topic #2: The Influencer HALO METHOD and Tsunami Method! This includes the secret formula of identifying the perfect influencer for your brand… how to negotiate the deal so it’s the ultimate win-win and not looking like a rookie or lose money unnecessarily…
Topic #3: How To Create An Army Of “Micro-Influencers” To Help Grow Your Brand Without Daily Management… learning what tools, team, and systems are in place to identify, recruit, and get “Ambassadors” 1000% excited about promoting SNOW absolutely free… while the most engaged ones may end up making money! And how Josh is indirectly, but aggressively, attacking the Billion Dollar Brands… in order to get higher valuations when exiting!
Topic #4: Facebook/IG: Preparing To Scale! Whether you are spending $100 – $10,000K a day! The Formula For Testing and Optimizing Your Campaigns! How he turns Influencer content into SUPER Highly Profitable Ads and Scales Them… Plus So Much More! (Nick Shackelford)
Topic #5: The Greatest Health, Beauty, and Ecommerce Funnel Ever Created! Five proven 7 and 8-figure funnels that are killing it in multiple channels! Their secret? Good conversion rate with HIGH Average Order Value! (Ed O’Keefe & Nick)
Topic #6: $20,000K a day On Snapchat, Google Display Network, or Native? YEP! How to grow your brand rapidly and profitably using multiple channels! (Mystery Guest Speaker)
Topic #7: “Making Every Month Black Friday & Cyber Monday! The NEW Secret Art of Launching Every Month Without Losing Your Mind! (Nick Shackelford)
Topic #8: Total Business Optimization! We’ll walk through a 360% model of what you need to be thinking about and how to take advantage of each leverage point in your business! (Josh, Ed, Nick, & Collaborators)
Topic #9: Secret Bald Guy Who is A Bad Ass Media Buyer! Daily buys millions of impressions for everyone from lead gen, ecomm, and viral content arbitrage! (Mr. Guest Speaker)
Topic #10 Millions of Visitors a Month With SEO! How to create TOTAL Market Domination the Right Way! Is SEO dead? Well, I’m gonna introduce you to one of Josh’s partners in their lead gen business that does $10s of millions a year. They invest 20% of their profits into acquiring properties and SEO. Counter-Intuitive? Well… I told you this would blow your mind!
Topic #11 Preparing To Sell For Maximum Dollars! Josh sold his first company at the age of 23 for multiple 8-figures. He created an environment where he had businesses competing to acquire his business allowing him to exit by being paid TOP DOLLAR. (Josh Elizetxe)
PLUS much more topics I’ll add after surveying the attendees (YOU). The format is gonna be awesome.


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