Dan Kennedy – Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp

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Dan Kennedy – Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp

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Dan Kennedy – Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp

Dan Kennedy – Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp

Get Dan Kennedy – Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp  right now!

Dan Kennedy – Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp
If I have to say, this product is like Version 1.0 and the above is Version 2.0.
If you want to get into coaching/consulting, you should listen to this one first and then later on listen to the other one.

From Dan Kennedy, “The Consultant’s Consultant”:
How to Make $100,000 To $1,000,000.00 A Year (Or Even More) In The Consulting And Coaching Businesses
With So Little “Work” The Liberals’d Outlaw This If They Could. Don’t Envy Me: Join Me! Let Me Take You Behind The Curtain And Show You Exactly How It’s Done…
…What A Wonderful Way To Make A Living!

You may or may not know it, but CONSULTING was my first business, and has been my primary business for 28 years.

If you are already in consulting, I’d like to tell you how to make your business better, how to give yourself a very big pay raise, fast — regardless of whatever’s going on in the economy, or in your particular industry.

If you are new to consulting, then I can save you a huge amount of trial-and-error pain and suffering, and get you to the big money fast.

If you think you might add consulting to your activities, I can help you determine how best to do that.

Even if you are not a consultant per se, but are involved in “consultative selling” – a doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, etc. – I can show you how to more easily obtain clients and have far greater influence with them once you get them.

There is also the COACHING business. Amazing incomes are being made by people in a wide variety of fields, doing home based “tele-coaching” and/or running peer advisory and mastermind groups, for local businesses, and on a national scale. I will tell you a lot more about that in this letter, too.

In fact, I’m going to talk to you about how I peeled back the cover of my own business and a number of others, and will give you a peek at a truly wonderful way to make a superb living, undoubtedly with a lot less stress and difficulty than you’ve ever experienced or imagined.
Everything Revealed, Nothing Held Back

In this letter, you’ll only get a peek…. but at the recent Boot Camp that I conducted on this subject, I revealed EVERYTHING that I do or have ever done to make big money easily from consulting. We also shared how other individuals have built successful, thriving consulting businesses. PLUS, how fees are structured, contracts written, clients obtained, clients managed, and maximum money made.

Every detail of several different coaching businesses. Mine, but also others.
In fact, let me tell you about the speakers who made the Boot Camp so special – just quick summaries:

Steve Miller, who will be familiar to some as a member of NSA, is a leading consultant to the trade show industry. Inspired by my coaching/mastermind group’s business model, Steve has developed two very profitable peer advisory groups, one of which is for CEOs of America’s top trade show companies, which includes the giant International Housewares Show. He has used this business to stabilize income, reduce the number of speaking engagements and travel, and otherwise re-make his business. Steve brought “the NSA perspective” to this boot camp, and can help you make the necessary connections between your experience and present thinking about speaking and these lucrative additional opportunities.

Craig Proctor is constantly one of the top ten Re/Max real estate agents worldwide, generating millions of dollars in annual commission, in his home city of Toronto. However, his seminar and coaching business in the real estate industry is even more impressive. His major boot camps offered 2 to 3 times a year are attended by upwards from 500 agents each time. He has two different priced telecoaching programs with hundreds of active members on monthly “auto-charge” at $847.00 per person, per month. His passive income from vendors providing endorsed services to these same members exceeds $100,000.00 a month.

Somers White, also familiar to NSA Members, is the consummate professional consultant, 100% successful at creating a high income business that perfectly supports his preferred lifestyle – including two months or so living abroad every year, and nearly all clients traveling to him.

Get Dan Kennedy – Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp right now!
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