Brad Whisnant – Sydney Seminar 2017

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Brad Whisnant – Sydney Seminar 2017

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Brad Whisnant - Sydney Seminar 2017

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Day 1 – Top Ten Tung points for clinical success for a host of issues

Learn the top 10 points that are necessary for most if not all conditions in your clinic.

Learn to implement these points into your personal Acupuncture Style Learn step by step theory on when and how to choose and or use these points

Day 2 – Treating Back Pain with Master Tung Points

It’s the number one reason patients come see us! We better be able to master it!
Sciatic, disc, stenosis, muscle and radiation.
Learn the theory and how to choose Tung points for the best and instant success

Day 3 – Treating Neck and Shoulders with Master Tung Points and Balance Method Points

Tung and Balance method fusion for the best results for very common complaint.

Step by step instruction that is easy to follow and makes sense

Day 4 – Internal Medicine

Treat the 5 Zang organs
Treat the most and common internal disorders of the LU, HT, SP, KD, and LV

The 4 days will cover not only this but:

Learn the Master Rule to make acupuncture work 90%+ of the time Hands on, interactive, treating patients, palpating and engaging with participants
Discover and implant most common point combinations

Leave the 4 days ready to treat successfully in your clinic on Monday. Understand the How, When, Why to mix and integrate other strategies into your practice

Brad Whisnant, DAOM, LAc, is a professional doctor of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
He runs his private clinic in St. Helens, Oregon where he treats 100+ patients a week on his own. He teaches and lectures both in the US and Internationally.

Dr Whisnant has authored 8 other books on the distal styles of Master Tung and Dr Tan’s Balance Method of acupuncture. He also given over 100 seminars and lectures.
He is a passionate advocate of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and is dedicated to demystifying and simplifying acupuncture to help spread and disseminate these styles to the acupuncturist globally

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