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Michael Golzmane - Clearing The Trauma Of Incarnating(1)

Michael Golzmane – Clearing The Trauma Of Incarnating

$20.00 $10.00

The energy of “not wanting to be here”, even if it’s way below the surface of your mind and soul, will severely limit specifically your abilities to manifest money and other possessions, manifest satisfying work, and manifest a healthy body.

Michael Neil – Experiencing God Program(1)

Michael Neil – Experiencing God Program

$195.00 $32.00

International teachers and bestselling authors Anita Moorjani and Michael Neill invite you to join them for or a fascinating and surprisingly light-hearted exploration of what it is to experience God in your daily life!

Lynn Waldrop – Depression(1)

Lynn Waldrop – Depression

$50.00 $15.00

This call will help you get back on track with your normal day-to- day activities that Depression has hindered you from doing. Who’s ready to get happy and snap out of their Depression?!

The Enneagram of the Virtues - Russ Hudson(1)

The Enneagram of the Virtues – Russ Hudson

$297.00 $117.00

They direct us to notice the suffering in our hearts created by a deep disconnection from Source… and to see how again and again, as soon as we come home to ourselves and the living moment, our spirits can fully flower.”

The 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing - Wendy De Rosa(1)

The 4 Foundations of Intuitive Healing – Wendy De Rosa

$297.00 $87.00

The fact is, you may be overly sensitive because you needed to be in tune with the emotions of the people around you as a way to feel safe in your environment — you shut down your own emotions and became hypervigilant as to what others were feeling.

Psyche & Cosmos – Stan Grof & Rick Tarnas

Psyche & Cosmos – Stan Grof & Rick Tarnas

$297.00 $87.00

The legendary Carl Jung told a friend that he had come to use astrology with every patient because there was no other means to provide that level of precision for understanding the archetypal dynamics of a given individual’s experience.

Sacred Awakening(1)

Sacred Awakening

$261.00 $67.00

The Sacred Awakening Course features 12 of the world’s top transformation teachers who will provide the practices, insights and inspiration for you to awaken to your full potential and divinity!

Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – Advanced Retrea(1)

Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – Advanced Retreat

$1,297.00 $147.00

On this retreat we will start at the expanded and open place where our other retreats end. It is based on the assumption that if you’re in the room then you are ready to explore the ultimate truth of who you are, what you are.

Gene Ang - Transpersonal Chakra(1)

Gene Ang – Transpersonal Chakra


The last part of the evening is a discussion of the high frequency light and information called the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge (ADB). This healing energy is taught and transmitted in level 3 of the Arcturian Healing Method.