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David Snyder – Real World NLP 2019

David Snyder – Real World NLP 2019

$997.00 $127.00

This is a comprehensive NLP certification program led by David Snyder that focuses on his approach to Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a recording of a Practitioner Certification seminar that you can use to master all of the elements of NLP in a practical and real world setting.

Stanislav Grof - Holotropic Breath work(1)

Stanislav Grof – Holotropic Breath work


In this long awaited book, Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof describe their groundbreaking new form of self-exploration and psychotherapy: Holotropic Breathwork. Holotropic means ‘moving toward wholeness,’ from the Greek holos ( whole) and trepein (moving in the direction of).

ACT in Action- Steven Hayes- Complete Series DVDsl-6(1)

ACT in Action: Steven Hayes: Complete Series DVDsl-6

$349.90 $69.90

The ACT in Action six-DVD series lets you observe the core processes of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) as it is practiced in actual clinical setting. These professional training programs—with session footage featuring Steven Hayes—will guide you through introducing a client to the ACT approach.

Rintu Basu Persuasion on Steroids(1)

Rintu Basu Persuasion on Steroids

$297.00 $35.00

A small increase in your persuasive ability means a huge shift in the results that you can get over time. As an experiment think this through for a few moments.

The World-Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy Paul Potassy(1)

The World-Renowned Magic of Paul Potassy

$100.00 $20.00

Paul Potassy has been called “a master of magical minimalism with maximum impact.” He has performed for over 66 years in 44 different countries, for celebrities, heads of state and even the Pope.

Tracy Anderson - Metamorphosis (Abcentric)(1)

Wild Divine – Vlsdom Quest version 1.5 upgrade

$99.90 $29.90
  • Balancing health, wellness, and technology to enhance your life
  • Teaches breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques for great living
  • Provides instant, visual feedback that reflects the state of your mind and body
Cat & Jesse – TimePiercers 101

Cat & Jesse – TimePiercers 101

$1,297.00 $137.00

Wealth Frequency Upgrade  Journaling Secrets  Primelight Meditation Secrets
Alignment & Getting Into Financial Alignment​ Controlling Your Emotions & Thoughts